Monday, 5 September 2016

The Best of. (Summer edition)

The day has come once again. The day that just three months ago was as distant of a memory as your third cousin's aunt that your mom insists you met that one time. The day that has signified the end of summer since we were old enough to eat frozen Snickers bars at the neighborhood pool.

 Labor Day.

The appropriate thing to do in this time of despair is to discuss the beauty that Fall brings - the jackets, the boots, the lack of constant perspiration as I walk down that second flight of stairs to the under-under world of the BDFM trains.

But no. I have masochistic tendencies when it comes to not only dwelling on the past, but making it shine brighter than it ever did when it was the present. Summer was a dream. It was 75 degrees every day. My air conditioner always worked. The piles of dog shit outside smelled like flowers and never once seeped through my jellies and onto my bare toes.

All jokes and rose-colored glasses aside, this summer was one for the books, fashion-wise. Those that complain that summer 'cramps their style' should up their onesie game. Take note of these Masters of the Sun that I came across during some (mostly literally... but sometimes metaphorically) steamy adventures this summer:

Echo Park Rising - Los Angeles, CA

Echo Park Rising - Los Angeles, CA

 Belgium Comes to Cooperstown (Bill Murray-themed) - Cooperstown, NY
Pitchfork Music Festival- Chicago, IL

Pitchfork Music Festival- Chicago, IL

Pitchfork Music Festival- Chicago, IL

Here's to those who strut down the street in silk onesies and not a drip of sweat while the rest of us Alex Mack in the nearest Starbucks. I aspire to be super-human just like you.

Until then, here's to Fall.

Wednesday, 29 June 2016

More than just that girl from Ipanema

I was lucky enough to get down to Rio de Janeiro just before the infested mosquitoes settled in (or at least before I was aware of them... ), and if I could, without risking three years worth of spare time and probably a few privacy lawsuits, I would be putting every single Carioca I came across on this post.

Existing in Rio was unlike existing in any other place because of the undeniable sense that I was drowning in the runoff of the most beautiful souls I have ever come across in one concentrated area. Rio is its people. Sure, the city has impossibly cold beers, amazing music, and the best beach snacks known to (wo)man - all of which I consumed in excess - but none of these wonders would have meant a thing without the people behind them.

Alas, because I am not strong enough to live the life of a hermit for longer than the time it took me to binge watch six episodes of Chef's Table, and because my bank account will not allow me to fight a parking ticket, let alone a lawsuit, here are a select few humans from a land full of beauties:

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Swag from Experience

There's nothing like a record-breaking snow storm doing cartwheels outside my window to send me on a downward spiral of looking at pictures from a warmer time; so thank you, Jonas, for bringing my attention back to this wonderful man.

R.C. Bates caught my attention outside the Intelligentsia on Sunset a few months ago as he casually asked caffeinated passerby's if they liked poetry. It was a simple question, but simple enough for those in earshot to feel an internal wave of guilt if they chose to ignore it, especially in a neighborhood like Silverlake, where if you don't at least pretend to enjoy any and all forms of self-expression, no one would stop you from getting burned at the end of a organic, vegan stake.

I became a victim of his character-building inquiry as I passed by sipping on my small, Fair-Trade, Costa Rican pour-over. Imagine my surprise when I saw this man as the source of my self-judgement:

It was as if Gepetto wanted a wizard instead of a real boy and Bates was the result of his imagination. Everything about this man - his style, his attitude, his words - was straight out of a fairy tale.

After handing me some booklets of his poetry, he, in the same nonchalant manner that attracted me to him in the first place, told me about some of the movies, bands, and music videos he had been a part of in his 'former lives'. One can only imagine how much trouble he found in those lives to come out on the other end feelin' himself like he does now.

While I recognized as much from his bio as I did when my mother listed off her favorite contestants from The Voice, I still listened intently because something about Mr. Bates demands respect. Whether it's his Merlin beard, his Hatter's hat, or the mini, matching Converse that fits perfectly on the cane he made himself, I will never know.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Rainy Day Candy

I find rainy days to be the ones for which I am most in need of eye candy. and I don't mean the kind that with broad shoulders and immobile hair. I mean the kind that gets my heart racing, my skin tingling, my eyes bulging.

I mean the chic-weirdo kind.

As I shoved through the lunch crowd near Penn Station in dire need of espresso, cursing the cold and rain all the while, I couldn't help but notice this fairy prancing around unscathed.

She was shocked when I complimented her phenomenal 'fit and when I asked where she got her shoes, of course everyone's worst fear of receiving an international, unattainable-in-the-near-future answer came true - "Japan".

Along with breaking the bad news that I will never have a pair of these furries without a plane ticket, Tia also let me know she is a Singer / Songwriter, here to spread her art to the US. Check her out on instagram @tia_singer and Facebook .

Sunday, 18 October 2015

Double Trouble

Matching is something I've always had a phobia of. I never AIM instant messaged the girls in high school to make sure we all wore skirts on Tuesday, I was always a little creeped out by the Olsen twins' series in which they solved the mysteries in coordinating outfits, and the main reason I am so attracted to thrifting is because the chances that the other girl at the corner bodega also wearing my shear gold jacket is exponentially less than if I was wearing a graphic tee from Uniqlo.

All that being said, imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon this power duo at Jen Ray's gallery opening in Chelsea and didn't immediately turn to gag.

I noticed the first half on one end of the gallery and couldn't keep my eyes off his studded satchel and medieval garb. When I found a second studded satchel not 10 minutes later, I had to say something. The chances that two men put on studded satchels of similar design out of complete coincidence was too strange. Even in this city. It turns out they are brothers with similar closets and they don't mind it one bit.

While they each have a slightly different style, it's obvious that they are both 100% WeirdoChic.

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Nostalgia for Summer's Sake

The time has come at last.

The time I dream of when my bite-size fan from Duane Reade won't stop the sweat, when my only pair of jean shorts has a grease stain on them, when I stumble into my favorite brunch spot forgetting, yet again, that they don't have central air.

Fall is here. Times are changing. Rain is cold, shoulders are colder, I can finally pull my sweaters out of "storage" (under my mattress). It's my favorite time of year and I welcome it with open arms for the pretty lady that it is.

That being said, let us not forget the ravaging beast that was summer. It came, it conquered, it ate our productivity and left us curled up on a semi-shady, semi-grassy patch of McCarren park wishing frozen margs could teleport. I personally, loved it all, and from what I saw on the streets, you guys liked getting down on it as well.

Not to mention, you didn't look too bad while doing it.

Check a few of the glimpses I caught while on the party train:

4th of July at MoMA PS1:

Pitchfork Music Festival:

Ommegang Brewery's "Belgium Comes to Cooperstown" festival:

Dirtybird BBQ - Brooklyn:

High Tides' final boat cruise:

While we all looked fly during the 3 months of sweat, dancing, and beers, colder weather just means more layers to twerk with so don't slow your roll, people. The train won't stop for no one. 

Saturday, 1 August 2015

Power Couples

The only thing that gets me giddier than seeing a new coffee shop pop up on my morning walk is if my favorite opening scene from a movie is replicated in real life on my way to the newly discovered caffeine store. Seeing a human-canine combination unintentionally matching is not just a page out of the 101 Dalmatians screenplay; it is a dream come true if I am fortunate enough to be witness.

I found this cutie and his owner back in the colder days. Not only was the pup a ten, but his style rubbed off on his owner who was looking impeccably disheveled herself.

I wasn't sure if the owner would take it as a compliment in the moment - she warned me with her death stare that I caught her prior to her morning coffee/spliff/cartoons - but she and her companion definitely made cutest couple that day which is an accomplishment taking into consideration that I spent the afternoon watching the elderly link arms on Park Ave.

Owner, if you're reading this, although probably not (Hi Mom!!), I'm sorry for ruining your morning by interrupting your walk and tell your pup I'm sorry for ruining his morning by delaying his shit but just know you made my gray day much brighter.