Sunday, 15 September 2013

Snakes on a Train

Met this fox awaiting the train from Newark Intl. to Penn Station. Obviously, not capturing that hair would've given me uncomfortable night-sweats and those dreams of being choked to death by super fat snakes (no? not a common dream?).

In town to head the hair styling of a Manhattan fashion show, Brittany Washington of Creative Intentions is based out of none other than my current official residence (and the owner of a large portion of my heart), Chicago, IL.

If this epic DO is any indicator, she's probably up to all kinds of dangerous things out there in the Midwest so look her up!

Thanks for the shot mama xx

The Spark

The idea to maintain this blog came from a close friend I made during my time studying in Manchester, England. While unsure if I had the ability to maintain a blog that was actually of any interest to the general public (you would agree if you witnessed my antics that semester), she could see the excitement bursting through every one of my pores when we crossed paths with anyone of unique style. If you've been to Manchester, you'd understand when I say this occurs more often than not. In an effort to keep my skin clear, she proposed the idea of a blog, as a method of expression.....and to save my poor oozing body. Two and a half years later, I am finally taking her up on her idea.

The only person I had the (liquid) courage to take a picture of during my stay across the pond- Double-fisting like a true Mancunian at a Mr. Scruff DJ set at Band on the Wall:
1. That is not a wig.
2. It is a rare feat to rock that many shades of red with a power-smirk of such epic proportions