Monday, 11 November 2013

Bolos and Crocs

I finally made it down to the city that has been swimming through my dreams for far too long. A city that musicians flock to; a land of gourmet (aka heart attack-nurturing) donuts and the [insert any word here] tacos; a stomping ground for Weirdos, old and new: Austin, Texas.

It was clear from my first sight of the city as to why its (un)official slogan is "Keep Austin Weird". The deep-rooted weirdness existing in the city's early days may have faded throughout the decades but shines bright in comparison to what I'm used to. Needless to say, I felt right at home.

As did this little lady here. Claiming her husband labeled her as a "lunatic" for wanting to leave the house in her outfit, she was shocked that I wanted a shot at her stall on South Congress.
Unlike her beau, I couldn't get enough of the Western print of her sweater paired with the floral onesie that's peeking through. Not to mention, she's a master bolo maker. Check these babies out at

Just  as I thought I'd had my fill of lunacy (with all the bolos and whatnot), this gem of a person came into sight. I had do a quadruple-take to notice a fifteenth of what she had going for her with this outfit. I'll let you make your own list. 
In case you were a bit uncertain, let me clarify a couple points:
1. Yes, that is a lanyard.
2. Yes, she is, in fact, rocking it. 

To wrap up this uninhibited gush-fest for the Austinite culture, peep this disgustingly beautiful treasure I had to make my own:
Displayed above is the index finger of none other than yours truly. Being consumed by a vicious crocodile. 

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