Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Fashion moths to the Music flame

I was the luckiest girl on my birthday this year because I was given the absolute pleasure of heading to Brooklyn and hanging out with the gods of hip hop: A Tribe Called Quest.

.....and by 'hanging out', I mean sitting in the nose-bleeds at the Barclays Center for the Yeezus tour. While I didn't hate watching Ye come out in a bedazzled bank robber mask and speak to God on a mountain top, the boys from Queens were definitely my main event.

As history has shown us, the young dress to match their music. With great music comes great fashion. Thus, the transitive property allowed me to conclude that I could expect amazing getups at an ATCQ show. Once again, math was right.

Every person in my visual range was dressed to their version of the Nine's. If I were to ask a crackhead about their feelings while on their drug of choice, I guarantee their description would match my emotions at that moment.

I stopped this babe from making the white walk man because I couldn't get enough of her suede pumps and infinite hair. She had made moves from Philly to catch my boys in the flesh. Crossing borders in those kicks- that's devotion.

Next up is the homie with the perfectly fitted blazer and the jewelry that worked in his favor. There's nothing more refreshing than a man knowing what size he wears. The whole swimming-in-your-pants thing ended with the Love Movement's release. Catch up y'all.

While the Looks kept coming by the hundreds, my focus, alas, shifted from the clothes to the funky diabetic, Bonita, and her bum. Do you blame me?

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