Sunday, 8 December 2013

Humans in their Unnatural Habitat

While I have many enjoyable pastimes, People-Watching is definitely my favorite. It can be done anywhere, it can be mindless or thought-provoking, and, if done correctly, it wards off any potential new acquaintances due to the shear fear of the watchee that I may pounce at any minute. What's not to love?

Although there is an incredible range of locations that this action can be executed, an airport, preferably international, is the most optimal. In an airport, one is not restricted to observing subjects of a specific native area. The diversity is endless. Not to mention, the added element of being dressed to 1. be in public for an extended stretch of time and 2. be seated for an extended stretch of time, make the outfit choices of the subjects extremely interesting.

During a flight delay at O'hare on the busiest travel day of the year, Thanksgiving-eve, I was too busy observing the runway show presenting itself in front of me to focus on anything else, let alone my day job.

These are just a few of the gems captured during my procrastination session:

- Extra-large "purses" to get around the 1 carry-on + purse rule is key, especially if it may or may not be a thrifted Alviero Martini

- Green highlights and noise-cancelling headphones are the best way to eliminate the chance of a Cathy being Chatty with you

- Window seats are clutch for head-resting purposes but a draft is almost inevitable. It's always a good idea have a gorgeous brightly-colored faux (I hope)-trimmed coat on hand to keep you warm and stylin at the same time

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