Monday, 10 February 2014

It's not Creepin if they like it....

I'm not usually one to creep  but i know how much of a feat it is to fall asleep in an airport. Who was I to push someone off that mountaintop to ask permission for a photo?

Keeping that in mind, I still could not just let this man go un-captured. So I did the old 'maybe the reception is better closer to my face' mixed with some 'the glare from the lights just isn't letting me see this picture I'm tagged in' and managed to snag this shot:

Let it be known that I have a obsession with men that wear floral. The rebelliousness of this action is parallel to licking an ice cream cone in the winter- both completely legal, just demanding a second glance from all passerby's.

Yet, those sleeves mixed with the undoubtedly freshly-shined loafers and the fur-lined sweater carelessly draped across him made me wonder whether I was not creeping at all but merely falling into the trap of an intentionally posed man who wanted someone to recognize his get up.

Either way, a win-win situation.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

A Weirdo's Oasis

For me, meeting someone who claims to be interesting usually kicks off with some witty remark in reference to under-rated European city or a new-enough band that has not reached existence-on-Spotify-status.

Once the comfort level has risen, the inevitable question of "Where did you grow up" gets thrown in and after I proudly answer with, "Urbana-Champaign in central Illinois" I can see their fingers clench and feet take a half-an-inch step away. I know what they are thinking- 'Central Illinois? So she lived on a farm and galloped to her one-room school house on a horse and helped her grand mammy churn butter on the weekends?'

Please believe that I take their fidgeting as my queue to begin my spiel of "Urbana is an oasis in this land of cornfields and cow manure and the 40,000 kids that go their for school every year that will agree with me". Obviously, not a word is absorbed by the other party.

In my endless effort to convince the masses that Urbana is the dopest, I get tickled when lovely ladies such  as this one cross my path to help me prove my point.

Please take a second to observe: