Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Andre and the Rest of Us

My beautiful friends in beautiful California gifted me these beautiful snaps for my beautiful blog.

(that last 'beautiful' was a joke, I promise.)

This here is Winston looking too fine in a The Squad shirt and, like a true fashionisto, a completely impractical scarf that the general public doesn't even question because it looks so good:
(Photo cred- Samantha Krabbe)

Below is Andre 3000 and his bangin girl taking a Coachella break to hang out at the Silverlake Farmer's Market.

(Photo cred- Kelsey McGraw)

The Andre part is false... But real talk, if I didn't tell you, you would have never known:

And just so I feel cool for being in the same state as all my cool friends, here is a look I found a midst the hotdogs and snotty children of Santa Monica Pier.

This is exactly what I wore every day of third grade but somehow, she looks awesome, and I looked...extremely not awesome. 

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