Saturday, 14 June 2014

summer in The city

Ignorant n00bs may think summer vacation is for kids. But Chicagoans know better. Summer is a time to pack away their triple-insulated wool-lined boots, slip on their jellies and conveniently forget any figment of responsibility that may be asked of you for the next 3 months. The Chi-berias, the timelines of moving to Florida and never coming back, the brief stints in the ER for bruising bums on the 6 inches of pure ice on one's way to the dumpster-- are erased from the memories of all. Chicago is officially the best city in the world and there is no need to be anywhere else. And that isn't up for discussion.

Somehow, while developing this mild case of memory loss and sweating away the bad decisions made the night before, Chicagoans manage to look fly.

I almost dropped my coconut Italian ice (shout-out to the delicious Miko's!) when I saw this dreamboat strutting up to me. It's a difficult feat to bust out a Miami sunset tank top and make it work but this guy accepted the challenge and I do believe he succeeded. Mad props.

These babes were spotted through the crowd...even with my 312 goggles on.... at Do Division Street Fest in Wicker Park. Some suburban mother of 5 is missing her "Dinner Party" cover-up, but I much prefer it on him.

Keep sweatin' and stylin' Chicago! You're killin it so far.