Tuesday, 26 August 2014

My Ode to the D

These days, my day job is bringing me to Detroit, or as the locals fondly call it- "The D" (I know, I know. But I honestly don't think they know..)

After spending some time in the city, I have developed a strong sense of pity for all those that do not have the desire to check this unworldly place out during its age of unworldly-ness. The dark clouds of the crumbling automotive industry are moving on and a rare sense of hope is starting shine on this in a fallen city. 

With these crumbled walls and new found hope come the artists, beer brewers, clothing designers and musicians, licking up the dirt-cheap real-estate like cats to a flame. wait. moths to milk? Whatever, the message is there. 

Of course while they are providing the city with pop-up hand-made clothing stores, $3 craft brews, crazy street art, and epic DJ sets in abandoned warehouses, these kids are also managing the express their style not only through their work, but on their bodies. Multi-tasking at its finest. 

Take this one for example. I met Brendan Asante outside a Chance the Rapper show at the Filamore. If his three-toned shoes didn't grasp my attention, he casual mention of being an very talented (my words, not his) jazz musician, definitely did. After forgiving me for bouncing off the walls in anticipation for the show, he also agreed to get snapped so the masses (my mom) could be exposed to the 'Fit. 

While Asante's style managed to stay at the top of my list, there are others like him, residing in the D to perfect their art and expose it to the world. The city is in a rare and temporary state of underground beauty right now, so I highly recommend getting yourself a taste of what the D has to offer while it lasts. Sorry, had to get one more in there. 

If you want to check out some of the homie, Asante's, sweet melodies, holler below:

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