Monday, 13 October 2014

Fall-ing All Over Again

My hyper-indecisive mind doesn't typically allow me to pick favorites in any genre but I have no inhibitions professing my undying loyalty to Fall, or Autumn, for the Upper-East siders. I'm sure my infatuation is directly connected to the temporary nature (pun intended) of the season. Just like Ponyboy and his sunsets, I learned at a young age that the beauty of this season fades too quickly, which only fuels my desire for it.

It's not only is it the crisp mornings, bright leaves and society's acceptance of my eating pumpkin for every meal that draws me to this fleeting season. No, above all else, are the clothes. A girl can only wear denim cut-offs and stare at men in tank tops for so long before she looses hope in the future of our existence.

Just as I was getting weak and faith was fading fast, looks like these began popping up all over New York City and I knew it was coming.

The looks popped on Madison Ave while I was pretending to belong in my surroundings:

They popped up at Union Square Farmer's Market when I was pretending as though I was going to buy produce when in actuality, headed straight for the pumpkin muffins:

They even popped up at the laundry mat down the street where I pretended like I would do a load before getting intimidated by all the coin slots and hollered at FlyCleaners:

As I waste time poking fun at my menial existence, you must go and grasp the day. Put on your biggest woolen sweater/ the pair of tights that have the smallest visible run and take charge of this dream of a season. While the leaves may fall, ripping our hearts out in the process, we must remember that "nothing gold can stay". Fall is here in its glory right now, and it will be back again.