Sunday, 1 February 2015

Southern Living- Buenos Aires edition

Life brought me down to the Deep South recently. Past the breakfast tacos of Austin and the pillared mansions of New Orleans. All the way down to Buenos Aires, Argentina. It was my first time in the continent, let alone the city, so my fishtail was flappin all over that dry land.

While it's possible that the city had to restock their wine supply after I left, I did manage to do a few things in addition to consuming my body weight in that delicious dark red. I was eventually able to order "un cafe con leche y tres medialunas" from the incredibly patient baristo around the corner, I became borderline addicted to mate, and I learned (the hard way) that it is impossible to go to a morning farmer's market when Fernet was on the menu the night before.

All very important accomplishments for a wannabe Argentinian.

The other part of life that I attempted to grasp while aggressively people-watching from behind my knock-off Ray-Bans, was Buenos Aires fashion. I fantasized about the South American cliches of long multi-colored skirts and billowy linen tops before arriving, but all of that was quickly contradicted by the mod pencil skirts, gigantic earrings, and flatforms intimidating enough to make even Baby Spice cry for her pacifier.

While the street style, as shown below, varied in some aspects (cheetah print vs. all denim everything), the sky-high platforms stayed consistent.


Consistent to the point where I began to wonder if B.A. was living in the 90s or if the decade of boy bands and grunge rock is back and the rest of the world is just slow on the come-up...

I was also lucky enough to find myself at an Argentinian wedding. There was none of the Forever 21 dress/ nude heel combos we all cling to in the States. No, everyone at this wedding was dressed to the Nines in the Weirdo-chicest ways possible. 

Here are a couple of the top picks-

While you all wipe the salivation from the corners of your lips, I will be dusting off my Walkman and digging up my first Britney CD. 

Speaking of Britney..and denim, thank this Pop power couple for bringing this look to the masses and thank the masses for never letting it die:

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