Sunday, 22 March 2015

Reality vs. Alternate Reality

Don't front like you have never done it- Seen an elderly man with a pink, plastic umbrella or a soccer mom with tear drops tattooed by her eyes or a kid with a leather-bound briefcase and thought to yourself-- "What's he got in that case?" Elaborate explanations as to why a 5-year-old is holding a briefcase impulsively begin swimming in your head and if you're anything like me, you never ask for the truth at the risk of reality not meeting expectations (or at the risk of unintentionally quoting a dated-but classic, nevertheless- Ludacris song).

This reflexive practice is on overdrive in New York City, not only due to the sheer amount of people, but the amount of people that are doing (or wearing) things that rightfully deserve a second glance.

Take these two characters for example.

While this guy looks cool, calm, etc. he is actually convinced that the bunnies on his ears are the voices in his head. Without them he would be nothing and he hasn't taken them off in 15 years.

This girl was a plain Jane just last year until she came to a spiritual awakening and realized she is not a 20-something named Jane, but a 55-year-old man who needs his money back. least, according to the inside of my brain, these are their stories. 

Or they may be weirdos like the rest of us, just a tad more fly.