Saturday, 19 September 2015

Nostalgia for Summer's Sake

The time has come at last.

The time I dream of when my bite-size fan from Duane Reade won't stop the sweat, when my only pair of jean shorts has a grease stain on them, when I stumble into my favorite brunch spot forgetting, yet again, that they don't have central air.

Fall is here. Times are changing. Rain is cold, shoulders are colder, I can finally pull my sweaters out of "storage" (under my mattress). It's my favorite time of year and I welcome it with open arms for the pretty lady that it is.

That being said, let us not forget the ravaging beast that was summer. It came, it conquered, it ate our productivity and left us curled up on a semi-shady, semi-grassy patch of McCarren park wishing frozen margs could teleport. I personally, loved it all, and from what I saw on the streets, you guys liked getting down on it as well.

Not to mention, you didn't look too bad while doing it.

Check a few of the glimpses I caught while on the party train:

4th of July at MoMA PS1:

Pitchfork Music Festival:

Ommegang Brewery's "Belgium Comes to Cooperstown" festival:

Dirtybird BBQ - Brooklyn:

High Tides' final boat cruise:

While we all looked fly during the 3 months of sweat, dancing, and beers, colder weather just means more layers to twerk with so don't slow your roll, people. The train won't stop for no one.