Thursday, 12 November 2015

Rainy Day Candy

I find rainy days to be the ones for which I am most in need of eye candy. and I don't mean the kind that with broad shoulders and immobile hair. I mean the kind that gets my heart racing, my skin tingling, my eyes bulging.

I mean the chic-weirdo kind.

As I shoved through the lunch crowd near Penn Station in dire need of espresso, cursing the cold and rain all the while, I couldn't help but notice this fairy prancing around unscathed.

She was shocked when I complimented her phenomenal 'fit and when I asked where she got her shoes, of course everyone's worst fear of receiving an international, unattainable-in-the-near-future answer came true - "Japan".

Along with breaking the bad news that I will never have a pair of these furries without a plane ticket, Tia also let me know she is a Singer / Songwriter, here to spread her art to the US. Check her out on instagram @tia_singer and Facebook .

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