Wednesday, 29 June 2016

More than just that girl from Ipanema

I was lucky enough to get down to Rio de Janeiro just before the infested mosquitoes settled in (or at least before I was aware of them... ), and if I could, without risking three years worth of spare time and probably a few privacy lawsuits, I would be putting every single Carioca I came across on this post.

Existing in Rio was unlike existing in any other place because of the undeniable sense that I was drowning in the runoff of the most beautiful souls I have ever come across in one concentrated area. Rio is its people. Sure, the city has impossibly cold beers, amazing music, and the best beach snacks known to (wo)man - all of which I consumed in excess - but none of these wonders would have meant a thing without the people behind them.

Alas, because I am not strong enough to live the life of a hermit for longer than the time it took me to binge watch six episodes of Chef's Table, and because my bank account will not allow me to fight a parking ticket, let alone a lawsuit, here are a select few humans from a land full of beauties:

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