Monday, 5 September 2016

The Best of. (Summer edition)

The day has come once again. The day that just three months ago was as distant of a memory as your third cousin's aunt that your mom insists you met that one time. The day that has signified the end of summer since we were old enough to eat frozen Snickers bars at the neighborhood pool.

 Labor Day.

The appropriate thing to do in this time of despair is to discuss the beauty that Fall brings - the jackets, the boots, the lack of constant perspiration as I walk down that second flight of stairs to the under-under world of the BDFM trains.

But no. I have masochistic tendencies when it comes to not only dwelling on the past, but making it shine brighter than it ever did when it was the present. Summer was a dream. It was 75 degrees every day. My air conditioner always worked. The piles of dog shit outside smelled like flowers and never once seeped through my jellies and onto my bare toes.

All jokes and rose-colored glasses aside, this summer was one for the books, fashion-wise. Those that complain that summer 'cramps their style' should up their onesie game. Take note of these Masters of the Sun that I came across during some (mostly literally... but sometimes metaphorically) steamy adventures this summer:

Echo Park Rising - Los Angeles, CA

Echo Park Rising - Los Angeles, CA

 Belgium Comes to Cooperstown (Bill Murray-themed) - Cooperstown, NY
Pitchfork Music Festival- Chicago, IL

Pitchfork Music Festival- Chicago, IL

Pitchfork Music Festival- Chicago, IL

Here's to those who strut down the street in silk onesies and not a drip of sweat while the rest of us Alex Mack in the nearest Starbucks. I aspire to be super-human just like you.

Until then, here's to Fall.

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