Monday, 21 May 2018

Global Warming Fashion Week '18

Is it possible that global warming has created an entirely new fashion season, in addition to all the other crap its dumping on us (pun intended)?

i.e.: 'Summer', 'Fall', 'Winter', 'Spring', and 'Be prepared for snow, rain, and sweat when stepping out to pick up coconut oil from the bodega'

As years go on, "Don't jinx it!" is repeated more often during yet another one of Spring's false starts. The action of switching out your wardrobe becomes a useless task. All 'slutty nurse' and 'slutty secretary' Halloween costumes look more like Canada Goose jackets and eyeliner.

That being said, with any new challenge comes new opportunity. These fine individuals stepped up to the challenge and showed the world that it is still possible to look fly while battling the elements:

Take a page out of their books and don't let fashion suffer as Mother Nature goes through the most. And recycle.